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LED Illumination

CEE Illuminazione LED

Design and production of LED lamps for military or marine applications,
IR lamps, IP67 lamps, lamps for underwater applications.

design and production

LED Illumination

The E.E. Srl has acquired great experience in the design of LED lamps for professional, automotive and military applications.

All our products are designed to meet the needs of our customers, starting with the mechanical design, the relative power supply, prototype construction, certification and production laboratory tests.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Front headlight infrared LED

Front headlight infrared LED IP67 MIL-STD 461F

White visible light LED beacon

White visible light LED beacon with PFC power supply range 85-265Vac 50 / 60hz

MIL-STD two-color ceiling light

MIL-STD 461F two-color IP67 Vin 10V-36Vdc ceiling light

LED lighting for operating room and ambulances

Ceiling light internal lighting operating room in use on MIL-STD 461F ambulance vehicles

Two-color ceiling light with flexible arm

Two-color ceiling light with flexible arm MIL-STD461F Vin 10V-36Vdc

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