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Power Supplies and Battery Chargers

CEE Alimentatori Caricabatterie

Design and construction of:
Battery charger for PB AGM, Lithium.
Constant current power supplies, PFC input power supplies
UPS, sine wave inverter.

design and production

Power Supplies & Battery Chargers

The C.E.E. Srl has developed over the years a great experience in the design and manufacture of power supplies, battery chargers, UPS, pure sine wave inverter, PFC three-phase and single-phase.

Our expertise in the electrical industry of inductors and transformers, combined with our expertise in the design and manufacture of EMC filters, in compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements, allow us to offer our customers a complete service from design to certification.

We have made various types of power supplies and chargers for various sectors designed on request by our customers.

PSU unit for naval applications certified MIL STD 461F

power supply

Power supply unit Vin 440Vac 60hz output 28Vdc 50A stabilized and output 80Vdc 100A verification of input voltage, management of alarms connected devices, for military applications board ship.

AC / DC power supply for Submarine / ROV applications

Power supply

Power supply Vin extended range 85-265Vac 50 / 60Hz Vout 100Vdc 10A

IP67 walk-on battery charger for heavy-duty applications

Battery Charger

Universal range charger 80-254Vac 50 / 60ha 24Vdc 15A IP67 walkable working range -40 ° C + 65 ° C, able to charge batteries Pb - AGM - Lithium.

Isolated DC / DC 12/12 12/24 24/12 IP67 MIL-STD 461F ECE-R10

DC/DC converter

Isolated DC / DC converters, equipped with CAN connection for data transmission and programming, IP67, temperature range -40 ° C + 65 ° C certified MIL-STD 461F and ECE R10 approved for automotive use.
Available versions:
DCDC 24Vdc / 12Vdc 50aMax
DCDC 24Vdc / 24Vdc 30aMax
DCDC 12Vdc / 24Vdc 24aMax
DCDC 12Vdc / 12Vdc 50aMax

Pure sine wave output inverter


Vin 18-36Vdc Vout 230Vac 50Hz 4KVA
MIL-STD461 certificate for vehicular use.

PFC power supply

PFC power supply

Universal PFC power supply, with 4 channels, 100W motor control, CAN connection.

Insulation sensor

Insulation sensor

Hall effect leakage current measurement sensor.

Arial dropper

Arial dropper

Antenna movement system with 18-32V control console MIL standards for vehicular use.

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